A Radical Alternative Transparent Shield and Respirator

After the arrival of COVID-19, the lifestyle of people has become miserable. Amid this critical situation, people have been putting on a mask in order to keep themselves safe. But, the negative aspect of wearing masks is that it hides our emotions, smiles and faces that matter the most. Due to this situation, we are unable to show our expression. We feel that we are missing something, and a bitter hollowness gradually captures our mind. You might be surprised to know that our humanity is inextricably associated with our faces. Therefore, when we are unable to see the face, smile and expression of other people, we feel that we are living in an era where emotion does not exist.

COVID-19 has made the situation afflicted; therefore, it is very important to put on a mask. But, you might be shocked to know that masks are available in the market made of durable and high-quality plastic. It is actually called polypropylene. These masks are not environment-friendly. Moreover, there are ear loops that make it very uncomfortable to wear. If you are someone who regularly puts on glasses, you will suffer from foggy glasses and therefore, you will not have a clear vision after wearing such a mask. These masks also create hair dents, face dents and ear soars. Doctors who are compelled to put on surgical masks and n95 masks throughout the day suffer from face dents that are actually painful.

Keeping these points in mind, SEEUS95 has come up with a radical alternative transparent shield and respirator. These masks can heal your skin. Moreover, these are reusable, they self-attach, and they include a N95-Bio-Filter. Masks from SEEUS95 have the capability to provide you better protection. These are far better than cloth or polypropylene masks. Moreover, these are designed in such a way so that you will feel comfortable to put on. These masks do not have any ear loops, so, there will be no foggy glass and sore ear. The self-adhesive and ear loop-free structure makes it very easy to put on.

Key Features

Transparent and Flexible

The mask is transparent; therefore, people can see your expression. Moreover, these masks are very flexible, and you will not face any problem even after wearing it throughout the day.

Sustainable Design

The key ingredients used to make this mask are carbon, bamboo, silicon, silk, chitosan and carbon. All these things are completely environment friendly. The silicone is BPA free. Moreover, it has a nose cushion that makes it more approachable.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your SEEUS95 mask today. Fortifying yourself with products from Klaire Labs and Life Extension will also be helpful.