Analog: The Simplest Productivity System

We all are living in an era where everything is controlled by technology. Well, it is a fact that technology has made our life easier. But everything has positive as well as negative aspects, and it is not an exception. We use several applications to enhance our productivity, but when we take out our phone from our pocket and go through the to-do list, we get distracted by other applications. Keeping this point in mind, Jeff Sheldon made Analog, which is the simplest productivity system.

It is a fact that digital applications are efficient at capturing things, but if you want to use them in real life to enhance your productivity, you are actually making a mistake. Yes, Jeff Sheldon believes in simplicity, and this is why he decided to design a unique system that will enhance your productivity levels.

Core Idea Of Analog

The central idea of Analog is very interesting. It is designed in such a way so that you don’t need to replace your digital tools for using it. The Analog can work alongside with your digital tools. If you open your mobile or laptop to check your to-do list, there is a chance that you will open the other applications such as Gmail and social networking sites. It will ultimately hamper your overall productivity. But, with Analog, you can make your life better. In the case of Analog, you have to make your to-do list physically. A physical to-do list is more tangible and distraction-free. You will get a clear view of what you need to do. There will be zero distractions.

Core Features Of Analog

Analog is rich in features, and we have elaborated on the core features of this device below.

Perfect Desk Companion

It does not matter where you work, a companion is needed. Analog is a perfect desk companion. It is compact in size and so you can carry it everywhere. Moreover, the main component used to make this product is wood. So, if you want it in the long run, you can use it without any problem. Like a good companion, it will let you know what you need to do.

Fresh Start Every Day

Your needs might be changed. Well, you can write it on paper and stick them onto the Analog. It will do the rest for you.

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