Beeline Velo 2 Help Cyclist Plan

We all are going through a technologically advanced era. Amid this situation, people indulge themselves in various things and thus, they are making their lifestyle very hectic. Now, coming to physical fitness, people are not actually taking care of it due to their busy schedules. Now, in this situation, a bicycle ride can be highly useful. Riding a bicycle can keep your mind and body sharp. It is, no doubt, one of the best eco-friendly modes of transport.

However, when it comes to riding a bicycle, one thing creates a lot of problems and that is choosing the right route for safe bicycling. Keeping this point in mind, Beeline has come up with Velo2. It will give you better cycling routes and thus, it will improve the tracking and navigation while cycling. Well, there are some existing solutions but, they are fragile, expensive, and distracting. But, Velo 2 is durable and it will give you an accurate result.

Smart Routing

Velo 2 basically combines road user data and mapping and thus, it provides smart routing. The function is very simple. Here, you need to type the destination point and then, Velo 2 will give you up to three different routes. We have explained these routes below:

  • Fast Route: Well, if you want to reach your destination as early as possible, you should go with the fast route.
  • Quiet Route: Do you want to enjoy bicycling? Then, you must go with the quiet route. In this section, Velo 2 gives priorities to those roads that have a low traffic, and these roads are considered the safest road.
  • Balanced Route: Well, the balanced route is basically the combination of a fast route and a quiet route.

Beeline Road Rating

Beeline Road Rating is something that improves the overall user experience. Depending upon the rating given by riders, you will get concrete knowledge about the roads. On Velo 2, the users can share their positive as well as negative experiences. Well, giving a rating on Beeline is very easy. There are plus buttons and minus buttons on Velo 2. The users need to press the plus button if they like the road. On the other side, the riders can press the minus button if they do not like the road.

Simple Navigation Interface

The navigation interface is very simple. You will not have any problem reaching your destination. It has a simple ride direction and apart from this, you will get a junction indicator, road rating button, distance to junction button, and many more.

So, this is all about Velo 2. So, why are you waiting? Stock up on your nutritional supplements—such as products from Nordic Naturals and Organifi—and grab this tiny routing device today.