BIGiDESIGN Are Quality Bolt Action Pens

As a writer, if you want to make a list of your writing companions, you will definitely put your pen at the top. Anyway, if your pen does not perform well, it will certainly hamper your writing and partially damage your creativity. As a result, you will not get a satisfactory outcome. Anyway, bolt action pens from the house of BIGiDESIGN can fulfill all the demands that you have in your mind.

Talking about the special feature of this bolt action pen, well, it comes up with an adjustable tip. You can adjust both things- tip size and length. As a result, it will give you complete control over your write-ups. This fully customizable bolt action pen will tick all the boxes that you have in your mind.

Big Idea Design LLC is known for making unique products that are affordable as well as durable. Now, if we talk about this project, this is one of their new projects. With upcoming investments from the potential investors, they will be adding new add-ons in the box.

Titanium Damascus Clip And Mini Bolt Action Pen

You will be getting Titanium Damascus bolt action pens. Now, you will be looking for matching clips for your pen. Well, Big Idea Design LLC understands this very well. The company is adding new add-ons in order to give you a favorable experience. Talking about the new add-ons, you will get Titanium pocket clips additionally. It will enhance the overall look of your pen. Well, the list of offerings does not end here. The company is planning to launch Mini Bolt Action Pen. 

The Damascus clips will be available in different colours and so, you can choose that suits your personality. Apart from this, there is another great feature that makes the bolt action pens more approachable. We are talking about the refill system. A pen might have an attractive design but, it does not come up with an easy refill system, the writers will not approach it. However, the bolt action pens from Big Idea Design have a very refill-friendly design.

Some Key Features

Here, we have added the key features of this beautiful pen:

  • Reversible pocket clips 
  • It can accept more than 100 refills without making any modifications
  • The collet is auto-adjusting
  • Solid metallic construction

Along with these, you will be getting free worldwide shipping and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

So, by now, we have explained the important things about the bolt action pen. We hope you will definitely grab it.