Buddie is a 5 in 1 Earbuds Cleaning Tool

It is a fact that our mobile gadgets and earbuds can be much dirtier as compared to a toilet seat. However, it is possible to clean these devices in a contemporary manner. It will be possible for Buddie to get to those areas where vacuum, cotton swab, and rags will not be able to clean your gadgets comprehensively, thus producing cleanliness and flawless audio quality.

The device mentioned here happens to be a metal picker along with stainless steel at one particular tip. It does not feature any sharp edges so your device might be damaged. It will be possible to prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms thanks to the presence of stainless steel.

Buddie comes with a bristle brush made from anti-static and resilient nylon. In all probability, this tool happens to be the most effective when it comes to getting rid of grime from some particular locations that are quite difficult to reach within laptops, earbuds, mobile gadgets, and so forth.

The device likewise features an innovative adhesive cleaning gel intended for concealed and persistent grime. If it is quite difficult to get rid of the dirt, then this particular gel will help to do so by entering the ridges and cracks of the products. It is also possible to replace and refill this gel for the convenience of the user.

One more notable feature of this tool is the presence of soft brushes which focus on cleaning any grime very quickly. Buddies comes with a convenient microfiber brush at one end and a retractable brush at the other. This will help to clean anything including dust or debris effectively. Moreover, it is quite portable thanks to its compact size.