The Way Of Kings 10th Anniversary Edition

The Way of Kings is a popular book series that people across the world love and enjoy. It is important to cherish books and the worlds that they can sweep away to, how they inspire us to new activities like RPGs, or something to dream about before going to bed. Many people have, unfortunately, traded books for Instagram and video games.

Thankfully we have Brandon Sanderson to put out an amazing fantasy series and then turn that into a leatherbound book to keep forever. The Stormlight Archive is one of his top-selling fantasy series books. After this, the creator wants to celebrate his milestone with a Kickstarter campaign to get the project off the ground and funded. The campaign is all about the 10th Anniversary Edition of the book, The Way of Kings.

It is a dream of the creator to produce alluring and enchanting books. The specifications will be beyond the imagination of the reader. The foremost objective is to transform dreams into attractive stories. Therefore, the creator, along with Dragonsteel Entertainment, published the 10th Anniversary Edition leather-bound version of Elantris. After Elantris, they published many more attractive anniversary editions such as The Well of Ascension, War breaker, The Hero of Ages, Mistborn, and many more.

This happened because of the overwhelming response from the readers. Now they have come up with the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Way of Kings. Previously, they offered books at a very reasonable price. Well, this time, the scenario will not be an exception. However, the storyline of the Ways of Kings is so large that they had to break it into two volumes. It will definitely maintain integrity as well as the quality of the books. The creators know the value of the hard-earned money of the readers. 

Each volume is wrapped in dark blue leather. The color of the interior pages is Smyth-sewn and acid-neutral. They are not glued, so they won’t degrade as quickly and will stand up to a lot of readers. It has top-notch durability. The ends of the pages are glided. Along with it, you will have a satin-ribbon bookmark with each volume. Purchasers will get an eight-page gallery consisting of full-color artwork at the beginning of each volume. Along with these, you will have stunning chapter arches.

The quality of the book is elevated, and the final version will be the finest product from the house of Dragonsteel.

So, this is all about the Ways of Kings 10th Anniversary Edition. We hope that the readers would definitely love it.

The 10 Second Floss That Will Make You Smile

With the advancement of technology, we have created superior digital versions of traditional items. Technology is making our life easier, and Instafloss is the perfect example of this. Yes, Instafloss is a multi-layer water flosser. It has the capability to deliver an effective, as well as comfortable, flossing experience. The best part is that you will get such experience in just 10 seconds.

Oral hygiene is very important to keep our bodies in good shape. We are all guilty of eating junk foods and forgetting to take care of our teeth. This is why Instafloss has designed and made this tiny and compact tool through which you can elevate your oral health to the next level. 

Core Features of Instafloss

Instafloss is rich in dynamic features. The core features of this tool are as follows:

Patented Multi-Jet Design

The best part of Instafloss is its multi-jet design. The powerful jet is installed in such a way that it can deliver a 360 degree deep clean. Moreover, it is designed in such a way so that your gums get a proper floss each time you clean your mouth with Instafloss. It can clean your mouth in just a single step, and the time that it will take to clean your mouth is only 10 seconds.

Never Miss A Single Spot

With Instafloss, you will never miss a single spot in your mouth. There are many spots that are hard to reach, such as the rear molars and backside of the teeth. The company understands this very well, so the company designed the device to reach those difficult to reach corners of the mouth.

Ideal For All

We all have different mouth shapes. If you look at the market, there are different types of flossing tools. But only Instafloss is unique. It does not matter how your mouth is shaped; Instafloss will be an ideal choice for you. You might have teeth bridges or braces. Well, you don’t have to worry as you will have an amazing experience after using Instafloss.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Kickstarter and support this product so you can provide your mouth with the care that it needs!

Piece Together This Magical Puzzle to Solve a Mystery

Who does not love a good surprise? Our lives are filled with surprises and we love when things catch us off guard. Keeping this point in mind, Max Temkin has created Magic Puzzles, a new puzzle-story from The Magic Puzzle Company. Magic Puzzles consist of three 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles with a magical surprise at the end when you complete each one.

Even if you want a more a traditional puzzle game experience, this puzzle will be for you. The game is designed with ideas taken from popular tabletop games. Some important aspects of this game include:

  • The game is enriched in original and incredible art gathered from independent artists. Each part of this puzzle is designed to be both fun and challenging.
  • The unique part of this puzzle is its ending it is full of surprises. This is achieved with optical illusions that will keep you guessing up until the end. The players will have an unforgettable experience while playing this puzzle game.
  • Easter eggs are another thing that makes this puzzle game different from others. Each puzzle consists of more than 50 Easter eggs. You have to find and solve each. There is a guide book to help out if you need it!
  • The dimension of each puzzle is 28”x21” and the number of pieces that you will have in each puzzle is 1,000. This is larger than many similar puzzle games, making it perfect for solo and group play!
  • Magic Puzzles is made with high-quality cardboard that won’t bend or loss rigidity at the edges. A completely new printing technique has been used so that each puzzle piece snaps together satisfyingly – you have to feel it for yourself!
  • The games are designed in such a way that users never feel lost or unsure of where to go next. If you want to take a different approach, easily take it apart and try a different strategy, it’s all up to you and your creativity!

Sustainable Materials

The puzzle consists of sustainable materials. If we talk about the cardboard, it is FSC-certified and therefore, it will not harm the environment. Moreover, you will not find a single piece of plastic inside the box.
If this puzzle sounds like fun to you, go ahead and back it on Kickstarter today. Also check out the other projects we love and support those if you think the idea if worth your money!

Terra Planter: The Inside Out Hydroponic Planter Pot

With the advancement of technology, we have started giving more preference to digital equipment. Unfortunately, we stopped taking care of nature, and as a result, we are living in polluted environments. But this can be changed with the help of the Terra Planter, which is an inside out hydroponic planter pot. That is one aspect that this product seeks to change. In some ways, it has adopted solutions taken by companies who specialize in plants! By caring for nature, the soil, and how you grow your plants, you improve the environment. Gaia Herbs, Pharmax, and Vibrant Health have led the way with this, and now the Terra Planter is following!

Terra Planter

Terra Planter is a perfect combination of plants ecology, and natural materials. The developers used their experience as well as knowledge to make a product that can easily thrive indoors. The Terra Planter effectively works as a water bank. If we talk about the design, it is solid but porous. It is designed in such a way so that water can slowly permeate through it. It lets the plants drink water slowly and therefore you don’t need to water them as frequently.

The best part of the Terra Planter is that it does not require dirt or soil. You just need to water it. The design allows the plant enough air and water. The Terra Planter is reusable as it is made from 100% natural materials.


The porous material and the idea of hydroponics are the main drivers behind the Terra Planter. Now your plants can thrive indoors, even if you don’t have the best of luck with anything green. Moreover, it is low-maintenance. All these benefits make it more suitable for people with busy schedules, lack outdoor space, but still want indoor plants.

How It Works

Just fill the vessel with water. The vessel is designed so that water will diffuse through it slowly. The Terra Planter lets you see your plants grow. Watching the process unfold is a kind of bonus feature!

You can grow the plants in four different ways:

  • Rub spores over the surface.
  • You can use rubber bands in order to mount plant roots.
  • You can wrap a climbing plant around the vessel.
  • Cover the small chambers with seeds.

So, this is all about Terra Planter. The inside out hydroponic planter pot. We hope that this article would be helpful for you.

Cheat Sheets is Sheet Pan Cooking Reimagined

Cooking delicious and healthy meals can feel daunting. Between the prep work, tin foil, cleaning dishware, and so on, you are more likely just to grab fast food. But Cheat Sheets changes that. This product is sheet pan cooking reimagined!

Designed To Change Your Cooking Experience

Many people want to cook, but the added steps of cooking the right way makes it easy to ski altogether. Cheat Sheets is designed to change your cooking experience, making it easier, more convenient, and eliminating cleanup. Not sure if this product is right for you? To help convince you that it is, we have highlighted a few key points. Check them out and see if this product is ideal for your needs!

Rediscover Cooking Style

Sheet pan cooking is not a new thing and you have been probably doing this for a long period of time. But with Cheat Sheets, you will rediscover your cooking style. It will change your overall cooking experience. Cheat Sheets comes with non-stick and oven-safe silicone dividers that will keep your items separated while cooking. Each pan has enough space for a single item, meaning you can control the cooking time of each without having to fumble with removing one item before returning another item back into the oven. You will always get clean pan meals that will not only satisfy your stomach, but also your taste buds.

Time Guide

Sheet pan cooking is very simple and this is why it is loved by many people. But, it is not devoid of problems and complications. The ingredients that you put on the cooking sheet do not take the same amount of time to get cooked. Therefore, there will be a fear of overcooked or undercooked food. Well, with Cheat Sheets, you can easily eliminate such problems. 

It is a fact that guesswork is something that works behind cooking or sheet pan cooking. But, Cheat Sheets makes it easy by coming with a time guide that will let you know everything about Cheat Sheets cooking times. So, you will always have perfectly cooked dishes in front of you.
So, this is a brief breakdown of Cheat Sheets. If you are an aspiring cook or already love to cook but want to save more time, support this project and get it delivered right to your door! This is just one of the many kitchen appliances that you need! Check out the MCJOY for more perfect milk foam!

Clinic Deluxe Edition: The COVID 19

Clinic Deluxe Edition: The COVID 19 is a themed hospital board game inspired real events. With this game, you are making a contribution to support the COVID-19 outbreak, while also being an entertaining board game.

About Clinic Deluxe Edition

The wife of the man who created this project is a nurse and also the inspiration for the game. Prior to COVID-19, the original game was all about managing a hospital. After this coronavirus outbreak, the owner thought that he should do something from his end and the Clinic Deluxe Edition: COVID 19 is the outcome of this effort. It is a cooperative game that is both fun and informative. We have made a brief breakdown of this game, so have a look and offer your support if it sounds to you!

Basic Game Components

The basic components of this game are as follows:

  • 1 new propagation tile
  • 1 syringe tile
  • 100 COVID-19 tokens
  • A rules booklet available in 7 different languages
  • 4 player boards.
  • 8 additional player boards.
  • 1 big board.
  • 20 treatment room tiles.
  • 12 supply room tiles.
  • 4 neurology hub tiles.
  • 3 psychiatric hub tiles.
  • 3 orthopedic hub tiles.
  • 3 cardiology hub tiles.
  • 2 triage tiles.
  • 3 ophthalmology hub tiles.
  • 3 operating room tiles.
  • 3 outpatient room tiles.
  • 3 research tiles.
  • 8 garden tiles.
  • 8 helipad tiles.
  • 64 black car meeples.
  • Money tokens in different amounts, such as $1, $5, and $25.
  • 1 rulebook.

This is one of the many Kickstarter projects that we love, and we hope that you will offer your support!

The Hygiene Hand Antimicrobial Door Opener Keep Hands Clean

Our world is getting crowded, and the best way to avoid the dangers of microbes found on surfaces is to start adapting to how you do things. Well, we are specifically talking about a germ-conscious lifestyle.

The world is gripped by COVID-19, and as a result, many things around the world are impacted. People started practicing quarantining and social distancing, and with that in mind, we have discovered an amazing new tool to help you to avoid surfaces.

When paired with essential oil and hand sanitizing products from Desert Essence, Naked Bee, and Br. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, you will have complete protection from things found on surfaces that can affect your health and wellbeing

About The Product

Mitigating your exposure to harmful microbes is the best way to keep your family and yourself feeling well. Therefore, StarGear has come up with an Everyday Carry Tool (EDC) called the Hygiene Hand Antimicrobial Brass EDC Door Opener & Stylus that was dreamt up by an NYC paramedic. The tool is designed in such a way so that you can use shared surfaces such as ATMs and checkouts, open doors, and many more without touching them. Moreover, the tool is so compact in size that you can keep it in your wallet. 

Materials Used For This Product

Research has shown that coronavirus can survive several days on some commonly used materials such as stainless steel and plastic. On the other side, it can only survive a couple of hours on brass and copper. Research has also shown that the infection rate was reduced by 58% when copper alloys were used instead of standard materials. This is why StarGear has made the Hygiene Hand from brass.

Core Benefits Of Brass

  • Antimicrobial Properties: Brass is rich in antimicrobial properties. It means that it has the capability to kill microorganisms such as fungi, parasites, viruses, and bacteria.
  • Eco-Friendly: Brass is 100% recyclable and sustainable, so this product is eco-friendly.
  • Durable: The tool must be durable because it is something that will be used frequently. StarGear knows this very well, and so they used brass. Brass is corrosion-resistant, and it can hold up against harsh elements.
  • Keep Your EDC Tool Attractive: Brass is gradually oxidized when it is exposed to open air. As a result, it ultimately leaves a natural patina, which gives your EDC tool a refined as well as a realistic look.

So, this is all about this Hygiene Hand, and we hope that you would definitely start using this product in this critical situation.

Batman: The Animated Series Adventures

Batman is a hero who fights in the dark against the darkness that resides in Gotham. If you have have read the Batman comics and watched any of the television series or movies, then you are always looking for fun ways to enjoy more Batman in your life. 

This brings us to “Batman: The Animated Series Adventures.”

This board game is a combination of chess, dice, and card games. If you don’t play it strategically, the Gotham villains will surely beat you even after having Batman and his team by your side. Would you like to support this game on Kickstarter? Do you have the energy and focus needed to save Gotham, with or without the help of supplements from Simplers Botanicals, Aubrey Organics, and Dessert Essence? Take a look at what you get when you back the project!

Characters Of The Game

The characters of the game are divided into five categories:

  • Heroes: If you are familiar with the Batman animated series, you would probably know who the heroes are. So, as a hero, you will get to play as Batman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Commissioner Jim Gordon, and Robin.
  • Support Heroes: The best part of Batman is that he does not have any superpowers, so needs a team to beat the villains. There are many supporting heroes, such as ISIS, Detective Harvey Bullock, Officer Renee Montoya, and GCPD Beat Cops (you will get 2 cops).
  • Villains: Batman: The Animated Series Adventures is incomplete without villains, and there are many. The Joker, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, Scarecrow, The Penguin, Two-Face, and Man-Bat.
  • Minions And Bystanders: You will also have some minions and bystanders that make the game more dynamic. You get 6 enforcers, 6 hired gunmen, and 4 crushers. Along with these, you get 6 bystanders.
  • Alfred Pennyworth (Exclusive Character): Back this project today and get an exclusive character, Alfred Pennyworth. If you are acquainted with the Batman series, you would know the impactful role of Alfred in the life of Batman.

Other Elements

  • Dice: Dice is one of the most important elements of this game. You get 8 battle dice, 3 Batman dice, 3 Robin dice, 3 Catwoman dice, 3 Commissioner Gordon dice, and 3 Batgirl dice. Each dice has its own ability and you can use these abilities for heroes while playing the game.
  • Components: The game has some important features, such as the Rulebook, Mission Book, Hero Skill Cards, Villain Sheets, Ally Cards, and much more.

Interested? This is one of many Kickstarter projects that we love. Don’t miss your chance to be one of the first people to get “Batman: The Animated Series Adventures” delivered to your door.

Magnetic Wooden Toys For Creativity and Fun

Have you ever played with magnetic wooden toys? Life is dynamic, so shouldn’t your toys be too? In this article, we are going to tell you about the Kickstarter campaign for MAGNETIC WOODEN TOYS that can challenge your creativity and concepts of gravity!

About The Creator

Rikke Erikson is the creator of another wooden toy called KOLEKTO. If we specifically talk about these toys, they are inextricably related to the life of kids. The reason behind making such wooden toys is the importance of fostering wild imagination and creative minds. Erikson is of the opinion that kids are capable of making an imaginary world out of anything and this is something that provided inspiration to see the world from a different perspective.

Other ways to support creativity includes using supplement from brands that work with the brain to promote healthy thought processes. Metagenics, Pure Encapsulations, and NFH are brands that formulate products to support the brain and every other facet of life.

The foremost objective of Rikke is to make a sustainable toy that can titillate kids who might otherwise be fixated on video games, so the design had to have something that could attract both kids and adults. Keeping these points in mind, she made these beautiful magnetic wooden toys.

What’s In The Box?

You will get a handmade wooden box that consists of an FSC Certified for the use of sustainably-sourced Birchwood and 18 wood blocks. Each block contains a magnet so you can shape them in different ways. The blocks come in different shapes, such as a triangle, sphere, and square. In order to enhance the beauty, each block is perfectly polished using biodynamic walnut oil.

Different Characters

You can make as many characters as you want, but there are a few that already exist.

  • Harry: He likes to show off with his gymnastic skills.
  • Sally: Sally loves money.
  • Kim: Kim can make you fool with his words.
  • Juan: Juan is a complete womanizer.
  • A Couple: There is a couple who loves to dance wherever they go.

These are just a few examples of what you can make with these wooden blocks. In fact, you can make a whole world out of these toys.

Engraved Customized Boxes

Earlier, we have said that you will receive these magnetic wooden toys in a handmade wooden box. But the company is offering 100 customized boxes where you can engrave the name of the receiver on the lid of the box, but this is for a limited time.


The toy is made using the Japanese and Scandinavian wood-joinery technique to ensure the quality and durability of these magnetic toys. They are durable and ideal for kids and adults.

If you want to unleash your creativity make your own world with these magnetic wooden toys, back this Kickstarter campaign today!

The Egret EO Blaster is a New Generation of Deodorizer

If you are looking for a cleaner that can effectively kill germs, viruses, and bacteria within seconds, consider the Egret EO Blaster. Yes, it can sterilize, deodorize, and even purify the air of your home. It is a new generation cleaner and deodorizer. Check out the features below and support it on Kickstarter! 

100% Natural and Non-toxic

The Egret EO Blaster comes with a non-toxic solution that eliminates bad smells and bacteria within a few seconds. The process is natural and non-toxic as you just need salt, tap water, and an Egret EO Blaster. Fill your Egret with water and salt, and within 60 seconds, it will make electrolyzed water that removes hidden bacteria and odor from your home.

Automatic Spray Mechanism

The automatic spray mechanism is another important feature of this new generation cleaner and deodorizer. Through this spray mechanism, it creates an effective spray of electrolyzed water that hits unreachable areas of the home, such as gaps between your sofa, behind furniture, and much more.

Air Purification

You might be surprised to know that you can use Egret EO Blaster as an air purifier without the need for fragrances or chemicals. The Egret EO Blaster is capable of eliminating particles that are 2.5 micrometers in size.

No More Cleaning Products

We all are acquainted with the fact that plastics are very harmful to our environment, and most cleaning products come in plastic bottles. With the Egret EO Blaster, things are changing. This product can deodorize and sterilize carpets, clothes, shoes, furniture, flatware, baby clothes, and much more. Moreover, it is completely natural and will not harm your skin and may relieve some skin allergies.

Works on Any Surface

The best part of Egret EO Blaster is that it can work effectively on all surfaces. In addition to this, you can use it for many purposes, like those outlined below.

Fruits and Vegetables

The Egret EO Blaster can remove harmful pesticides on your vegetables and fruits.

Baby Products

The EO Blaster is completely non-toxic, so you can use it to clean baby bottles and utensils used to make baby food. You just need to spray it over the products, and after that, wait 3 minutes, then scrub to remove any remaining surface grime.


Toilets, razors, toothbrushes, and even combs can be sterilized with this cleaner.


Egret EO Blaster is a portable cleaner, and therefore you can take it outdoor. With this cleaner, you can clean your car’s dashboard, steering wheel, front glass, seats, and many other areas.

Does the Egret EO Blaster sound like everything you have wanted in a disinfecting product? IF so, head over to Kickstart and support the product today!