iUV! is Water Purifying Smart Bottle That Does it All

We live in the 21st century where technology is gradually advancing, and consequently, we are having fruitful outcomes making our lives more convenient. Well, the iUV! water purifying smart bottle is a perfect example of this. 

We all love travelling, and when it comes to traversing mountains and rural areas, finding proper drinking water becomes a major concern. That is why idea3Di have has come up a solution, the iUV!, a product with the capability to help you get enough watch, see in the dark, and even charge your electronic devices!


iUV! is a multi-functional water bottle that can purify water using ultraviolet LED technology. The device tale around 60 seconds to purify water. However, the time can change as per the volume of water available in the bottle. With iUV!, you can live your outdoor life without any worries. But if you have a few worries, you can always add immune support products from Integrative Therapeutics, LivOn Labs, and Nordic Naturals to your daily routine and see if that helps to give you more confidence each day. 

In addition to the above, the next section looks at some of the product’s core features to give you a better idea about what is so great about the product!

Efficient Water Purifier

If you are travelling, you must drink purified water, and with the iUV!, you will have a portable water purifier. Therefore, you will not have to look for pure water as the bottle can purify the water using UVC technology.

Signalling Device

You might be surprised to know that you can use this smart bottle as a signalling device. Yes, you have heard it right. The bottle consists of a powerful LED light that can transform the bottle into a signalling device. You can also use it as a lantern and flashlight.

Power Bank

Well, you can use this bottle as a power bank. This multi-functional smart bottle consists of powerful battery that allows you to charge all of your electronic devices such as mobile phones, Bluetooth speakers, and many more. It has two USB Type-C ports, and therefore, you will have a fast charging option.

No Physical Switch

The best part of this bottle is that it does not have any switch. Yes, you can control everything by just touching the lid. It has an efficient touch panel installed on the lid. You just need to tap for a while to sterilize water. A long touch will activate the LED light as well.

So, this is all about iUV! and we hope that you would support this project to make your outdoor living more convenient.

PrintPods- The Most Advanced Handheld Printer On All Surfaces

We are living in a technologically advanced world where we cannot imagine our life without technology. With the advancement of technology, we have got many fruitful outcomes that have already made our life more convenient. Well, if we specifically talk about the printer, it has been modified over time. Nowadays, we have wireless printers with a compact design. But have you ever imagined a portable handheld printer? We already have portable phones and massagers, but this is something else!

EVEBOT has made it possible. Yes, the company has made PrintPods, the most advanced handheld printer for use with all surfaces. The best part is that it includes a permanent ink cartridge that can be used for long-lasting prints.


PrintPods is one of the efficient outcomes of technology and it is rich in attractive features. Here, we have highlighted each aspect of this tiny device. So don’t miss going through the following points to learn more!

Multiple Inks

PrintPods allows you to use different types of inks such as non-removable ink, skin-friendly ink, and invisible ink.

Non-Removable Ink

Creating professional prints at home was always impossible, but with PrintPods you can do it flawlessly. Yes, PrintPods support non-removable ink so you can create your own custom logo and print it on any surface. Moreover, you can print your own logo or company name over any document by just gliding the device.

Skin-Friendly Ink

If you love tattoos then this handheld printer will be an ideal option for you. You can have custom temporary tattoos with the help of this device. It supports skin-friendly ink and so having your favorite team logo or brand design over your skin will not be a difficult thing. You just need to glide this device over your skin. Skin-friendly ink is available in different colors such as black, red, and navy blue.

Invisible Ink

Do you want to surprise your special one with a secret message? Well, you can do this with PrintPods. With the help of this device, you can print a love note or secret message over anything. So, get this device as early as possible and have some fun.

Print On Various Surface

It does not matter what the surface is, you can print anywhere with the help of PrintPods. This handheld printer supports different surfaces such as leather, metal, plastic and wood. You just need to do one simple glide and your idea will be printed on the surface. The device has its own application where you can make your own custom design.

By now, you have understood the capabilities of this tiny handheld printer. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Kickstarter and give the maker of this product some support!

The FooxMet Air Blocks 99.5% of UV Light and Has a Fan!

It does not matter where you live, we all experience the dynamic aspects of weather. In fact, we really enjoy it. If we talk about summer, it is one of the best times to do almost everything. Yes, you can play summer sports, go on vacation, take a summer bath, and much more. 

But everything has positive as well as negative aspects, and summer is not an exception. When it comes to summer, we all have to deal with the harmful UV rays emitted from the sun. 

It is around this time of year that sunburns becomes a concerns during summer. However, there are many sunscreen lotions available in the market and people are using them to get rid of sunburns. But people who have sensitive skin may see side effects of sunscreen use, such as breaking out and needing to constantly reapply it, which is a pain.

That is where FooxMet Air Club comes in. The FooxMet Air Air-Cooling Jacket is a lightweight jacket you can wear over your teeshirt to help block dangerous UV rays and reflect heat from the sun. Instead of carrying around an umbrella, you can easily pull on this jacket. Moreover, it including a fan built into the jacket! 

This product does not work like any ordinary jacket. It has so many features that you will not find in other jackets or products. We have highlighted the features below in order to give you a concrete idea of what it does and how it works.

Instant Cooling

Well, if you put on a jacket during the summer, your body temperature goes up and you will feel uncomfortable. But, the experience will be different in the case of FooxMet Air. It includes two powerful fan with three different levels of speed. These motors will keep your body cool anytime and anywhere. You can also adjust the motor speed.

Easy To Use

You can attach a power bank to the jacket using a USB cable. You can get up to 9 hours of fan on time with cool mode, and 7 hours of full speed fan operation with a 5000mAh power bank, which should be easily rechargeable from almost any power source!

Restructured Protection Fiber

This jacket consists of restructured protection fibers that can reflect up to 99.5% UV light. Moreover, the material is so durable that a thorough wash cannot damage the fiber. So, it is undoubtedly a long-lasting product.

By now you have understood the efficiencies of FooxMet Air. So don’t just wait, head over to Kickstarter and support this project today!

Analog: The Simplest Productivity System

We all are living in an era where everything is controlled by technology. Well, it is a fact that technology has made our life easier. But everything has positive as well as negative aspects, and it is not an exception. We use several applications to enhance our productivity, but when we take out our phone from our pocket and go through the to-do list, we get distracted by other applications. Keeping this point in mind, Jeff Sheldon made Analog, which is the simplest productivity system.

It is a fact that digital applications are efficient at capturing things, but if you want to use them in real life to enhance your productivity, you are actually making a mistake. Yes, Jeff Sheldon believes in simplicity, and this is why he decided to design a unique system that will enhance your productivity levels.

Core Idea Of Analog

The central idea of Analog is very interesting. It is designed in such a way so that you don’t need to replace your digital tools for using it. The Analog can work alongside with your digital tools. If you open your mobile or laptop to check your to-do list, there is a chance that you will open the other applications such as Gmail and social networking sites. It will ultimately hamper your overall productivity. But, with Analog, you can make your life better. In the case of Analog, you have to make your to-do list physically. A physical to-do list is more tangible and distraction-free. You will get a clear view of what you need to do. There will be zero distractions.

Core Features Of Analog

Analog is rich in features, and we have elaborated on the core features of this device below.

Perfect Desk Companion

It does not matter where you work, a companion is needed. Analog is a perfect desk companion. It is compact in size and so you can carry it everywhere. Moreover, the main component used to make this product is wood. So, if you want it in the long run, you can use it without any problem. Like a good companion, it will let you know what you need to do.

Fresh Start Every Day

Your needs might be changed. Well, you can write it on paper and stick them onto the Analog. It will do the rest for you.

If you are looking for more ways to organize your life, make sure to check out the Rocketbook Orbit, a notepad that helps you to control your life.

Pocket Sized Plastic Bottle Rope Maker Turn Trash Into Rope

We all know the negative impacts of plastic bottles on our environment. Considering the present situation, a new product has been created that turns plastic into rope.

Although plastic is banned in many countries, it is still being used. In other countries, no such bans exist. The worst part about plastic is that most plastic is single-use, so people throw it away after using it. It is a non-biodegradable product, and so it is very harmful to our planet. But with the pocket-sized Plastic Bottle Rope Maker, you can make rope using a plastic bottle. Basically, you will be able to convert the trash into rope.

The motto of the company is “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Rethink.” Keeping these things in mind, the company released this pocket-sized plastic bottle rope maker tools in various forms, such as the Plastic Rope Making Card, Plastic Rope Making Dog Tag, Plastic Pope Making Micro Tool, and Cordage Tool Bundle.

We have elaborated on some of the products below in order to give you a concrete idea of how they work. So have a look and see if you want to support this product on Kickstarter!

Plastic Rope Making Tool

The Plastic Rope Making Tool is one of the most convenient tools that will transform a plastic bottle into a string. This string can be used for several tasks. Plastic is a non-biodegradable product, and so the plastic string is versatile and will last for a long time. If we talk about the size of the device, it is very compact in size. It looks like a credit card, and so you can keep it in your wallet. The device is lightweight, and you can carry it wherever you want.

Plastic Rope Making Dog Tag

The functionality is almost similar to the Plastic Rope Making Card. But it is more compact in size. Yes, it looks like a dog tag, and so you can wear it as a necklace.

Replaceable Blades

This is the blade that transforms each plastic bottle into a string. If the blade loses its sharpness, the tool will be useless. The company understands this, so they are offering replaceable blades. It is very easy to replace the old blade with a new one. You can always get new blades at www.grimworkshop.com.

So, by now, you have understood the functionality of these tools. These tools have incredible versatility and strength. So, don’t just wait, go, and support it today!

MagEasy is a Modular Magnetic Organizing Kit for Life

Standing in the 21st century, where everything is growing faster, we are not getting time for ourselves. This is happening because of our busy schedules. Therefore, nowadays, we are all following a work from home lifestyle. But working from home is not as easy as it sounds – you need proper equipment, a good environment, and a way to keep things organized. This is one reason we loved the Rocketbook Orbit – you might have missed it already!

Keeping this aspect in mind, LHiDs has a new Kickstarter project, MagEasy, which is the ultimate solution for work and home balance. It is customizable as well as portable. The best part is that it is modular with the use of magnets that let you organize everything perfectly. Ultimately, it will boost your productivity while working from home.


Considering the present situation, boosting productivity as well as efficiency is not as easy as it sounds. But with the help of MagEasy you can do this easily. MagEasy is expandable and fully customizable. It allows you to store your everyday essentials, and you can decorate them as per your requirements. MagEasy has the following aspects:

  • Highly customizable
  • Expandable modules
  • Minimalistic design that makes it suitable for easy transportation
  • Strong magnet embedded
  • Catch-all holders
  • Waterproof and durable
  • 60-degree viewing angle
  • Aesthetic paper template

Key Components Of MagEasy

MagEasy comes with three main components: magnetic modules, Folio, and The Board. These three things are combined so artistically as well as professionally so that you always get fruitful outcomes from it. It does not matter whether you are a student or a worker, MagEasy will always help you to maintain your efficiency as well as productivity. The Board is swappable, and so you can organize the products as per your requirements.

The Board is a kind of desktop organizer that allows you to keep all the essential things in easy reach, helping you to keep your study desk or work desk clean. The Board also comes up with a stand that gives you a desktop view. It also provides easy access to your daily essentials. Another aspect of the Board is its flexibility. Yes, you can fold it up like a paper, and so you can easily carry it everywhere.

The magnetic modules are something that makes it different from other organizers. You can stick your essentials to the Board with the help of magnetic modules, and you can easily arrange them.

The mobile Folio allows you to add a section to the Board where you can keep your pens, paper, keys, chocolates, and even medicine!

By now, you have understood what MagEasy is. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one for you as early as possible.

Wattsugar is an All-in-One Charger for Apple Products

The Apple ecosystem has many products and a strong fanbase. If you want seamless integration among your devices such as laptops, smartphones, and even smartwatch, then Apple devices are the way to go. However, keeping track of each of these devices and ensuring that they are charges is a different matter entirely. Apple is known for requiring proprietary plugs to keep devices working, and if you ask someone around you for a cord, they might not have it. 

At the same time, if you have the cords, the problem is that you will have to lug around multiple adapters, cables, and so on. Ultimately, your backpack space will be taken up by these devices, and this is something that you never want.

Wattsugar – A Complete Solution!

Wattsugar is the answer to all your problems. It has the capability to declutter your backpack by eliminating those dongles and adapters. Yes, you can charge your iPhone, iPads, Air Pods, and even your Apple Watch through this device. Well, this is just a small aspect of this device. We have highlighted the key characteristics of this device below. So, have a look at the following points.

Compact Size

You can consider Wattsugar as your companion. Yes, the developers have designed the device in such a way so that it does not take up too much space in your bag. It is as slim as a man’s wallet, and it just needs one socket to charge all of your devices.

All-in-One Device

It does not matter whether you are an Apple fan or not, it is difficult to overlook this tiny companion. It is not only compatible with Apple devices but also with Windows devices. Yes, you can charge your Windows laptop, wireless earbuds, and even Android smartphones with this device.

Supports Up to 4 Devices

Well, there are many charging devices available through which you can charge multiple devices. But, those do not provide you with a satisfactory experience. But, you will have a different experience with Wattsugar. You can charge up to 4 devices with this charger, and the USB-C ports will never let you down.

Powerful Battery

Wattsugar is not a regular charger. It is more than that as it consists of 5000 mAh built-in battery, which will effectively fulfill the hunger of your digital devices.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the project on Kickstarter and support it today!

Growing is Fun Again With PICO, a Garden in Your Palm!

Have you ever thought that technology can help you to grow indoor plants effectively? Well, Pico has made this imaginative thought completely realistic. PICO is a tiny companion that is capable of taking care of your precious indoor plants. It does not matter whether you want fresh basil in the kitchen or jasmine at your office desk, PICO can do everything for you.

Problem With Indoor Plants

When it comes to planting indoor plants, you have to deal with several problems. Although many indoor plants do not require too much care, most of them need pampering in the form of sunlight, water, and attention. If you have a busy schedule, you are likely to forget to water them and move them around to get the right amount of sunlight. Thankfully, PICO makes it simple.

Make Your Plant-Parenting Better

If you have a plant, you are quite familiar with the fear of overwatering or under-watering. Moreover, you always think about whether they are getting proper sunlight or not. PICO understands your concerns. This tiny device knows what your plants need.

It is one of the fruitful outcomes of technology, and we have made a brief breakdown of the features of this device below:

Digital Sun

Indoor plants need direct sunlight, and it is quite difficult to take them from indoor to outdoor and vice-versa. PICO comes up with multi-spectrum LED grow lights that replace sunlight. These lights are powered by high-quality and power-efficient LEDs that provide equivalent wavelengths to the sun, meaning it supports all of the biological functions of your plants. Therefore, your plants will have an all-round development. Moreover, the LEDs are mounted on an adjustable arm that is telescopic. This arm will provide light alongside your plants to help them grow faster.

Forget Watering Your Plants

Now, you can intentionally forget to water your plants as your tiny companion, PICO, will do it on behalf of you. The watering process of PICO is very effective; the advanced watering system ensures that the plant gets the required amount of water- no less, no more. All you need to do is fill the reservoir once a week. Gravity and capillary action deliver water without a motor or additional power supply.

PICO is available in different colors and interchangeable mounts. So, if you want to give a better life to your plants, get a PICO as early as possible. If you want to support or purchase this product, do it today! If you want to see any of the other Kickstarter projects we love, check them out also!

NECKAIR is a Portable Neck Muscle Massager And Warmer

We all have different physical problems, but neck pain is widespread among all of us. The worst part is that it makes us feel unstable and can impact our productivity. That is why the NECKAIR personal massager is perfect for helping you to get rid of these problems.


Neck pain can become a life-long problem if it is not taken seriously. Thankfully, there are many neck massagers available on the market that are meant to help with neck problems. However, few of them are portable or offer more than just vibration to help stop or prevent pain.

That’s where the NECKAIR comes in. This portable massager is a foldable, powerful, and ultra-compact. It also has a warming function. This device provides instant relief from neck stiffness and neck pain. Along with it, the NECKAIR helps to ease tight neck muscles and offers long-lasting benefits.

NECKAIR Features

NECKAIR has many useful features, and that is why it is different from its competitors. Here are some of its key benefits that you should know about.

Combination of TENS and EMS

NECKAIR is equipped with TENS and EMS. TENS refers to Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, which is a method of using pulses to stimulate neck muscles. This system mimics how pain travels through the nervous system. Except, TENS seeks to block those signals to offer pain relief. EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, which works to cause the neck muscles to contract. This process strengthens the muscles, so they become more resilient and recover more quickly. 

NECKAIR combines these two functions and provides desired results in a short amount of time.

Adjustable Electrical Stimulation Levels

Neck pain can be of different types, and it completely depends upon your lifestyle. Well, NECKAIR comes with ten adjustable electrical stimulation levels, so you can set the electrical stimulation as per your requirements. If you are having minor pain, you can set it between 1 to 3, if you are suffering from persistent neck pain, you can set it between 4 to 6, and if you are facing severe neck pain, you can make the stimulation level between 7 to 10.

If you are dealing with neck pain and you think that the NECKAIR could help you to maintain comfort and wellbeing each day, then consider heading over to Kickstarter and supporting this product! If you are a fan of portable and innovative technology, then you might like to learn about the Manotaur X, a folding e-scooter of the future!

Bosun’s Edge by Oceanus Brass

People have been exploring the oceans for eons. During these journeys, sailers brought with them many tools to accomplish important tasks. One such tool was a sailing knife. This tool could untie knots, cut lines, and much more.

Today, people continue to carry knives, but many of them are lackluster. They dull easily, lack ergonomic feel, and aren’t very inspired artistically. There are many great uses for a quality knife, and with that in mind, the Bosun’s Edge, designed by Oceanus Brass, is the last knife tool you will ever need.

Why Is It Called Bosun’s Edge?

Well, before getting into the product, you must know what bosun is. Bosun is otherwise known as boatswain, and it is the most senior rank on the deck of a ship. A bosun is responsible for anchoring, rigging, sailing, and many other important tasks. Along with it, a Bosun also supervises other members of the crew. A Bosun has expertise in hitches, whipping, bends, and knots. 

So, you have probably understood the importance of the product as it is inextricably associated with the word bosun. We have added the features below; so, go through the following points to know more about this product.

Features Of Bosun’s Edge

Small Blade With Multiple Functions

Bosun’s Edge by Oceanus Brass is built to last, be eye-catching, and sharp. It has not only a classic design but also a rich history, and with the help of this tool, you can complete your journeys effortlessly. Moreover, it can be used in your daily life.

A Utility Blade For Daily Use

When it comes to a blade for daily use, we need to check several aspects. It must be rustproof, and it should have solid construction so that it can cope up with all manner of tasks. Oceanus Brass understands this very well, and this is why the Bosun’s Edge is equipped with all these qualities. Moreover, it has flat, compact, and easy to carry design so that it can fit in your hand nicely.

Screw-lock Mechanism

It comes with a screw-lock mechanism that holds the blade into its place so it will not come out when you don’t need it. Because of this mechanism, the tool is completely devoid of springs, bulky handles, and other points of difficulty or failure. It ultimately makes the tool lightweight, and you will not face any sort of problem while using this.

So, what are you waiting for? Support this product on Kickstarter today so you can start using it in your daily life.