CleanseBud Is a Portable and All-Natural Sanitizer

We are living in a time where cleanliness and hygiene are playing an important role. Moreover, the pandemic situation has made everything clear. We should give more preference to sanitization and cleanliness in order to keep ourselves safe. Well, if you see the current market, different brands are coming up with their sanitizing products. Most of them are costly and if you go with cheap products, you will actually compromise your health. But, if you get a homemade alternative solution, things will become easier for you. Yes, keeping this point in mind Cleansebot has come up with CleanseBud that is a portable and all-natural sanitizer.


Well, CleanseBud from the house of Cleansebot is a fruitful result of technology. It is a kind of sanitizing robot through which you can make your sanitizing solution at home. You will need salt and water that are some very common household agents. With the help of the electrolysis process, this sanitizing robot will make the cleaning solution. It is a portable device and therefore, you can take it anywhere you want. It has a Type-C port through which you can charge the battery.

How To Make the Solution

With CleanseBud, the process of making the sanitizing liquid becomes very easy. You will have to add water and salt to the water tank. There is a white-colored line in the water tank. You have to ensure that the mixture does not cross the line. Otherwise, it will spill out. After that, you will have to start the tiny sanitizing robot. It will complete the electrolysis process. Well, the good thing is that it just takes 3 minutes to complete the process. You will see that small bubbles are coming.

What You Can Do?

CleanseBud will produce a cleaning solution that you can use on any surface to keep it germ-free. You can even use it on your hands. The portable form makes it more approachable. If you are in public and planning to eat a snack, you will have to spray the mixture over your hands and you are completely safe to touch the edible products. Moreover, you can use it on the keyboard, Smartphone, and other gadgets to keep it germ-free. You can also use it to clean the floor of your house and you can use it to clean kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops. Even, you can clean your shoes with this solution. It is a completely organic solution and so, you will definitely have a satisfactory result.

So, this is all about the CleanseBud. We hope that you would definitely try it. For further health benefits, consider using supplements from Quicksilver Scientific and Argentyn 23.