Convert Any Skillet Into A Cast Iron Grill With Flagship Light

Do you want to get healthier food infused with rich flavor? Then, you must go for Flagship Light. It promotes dry heat and fat-reducing cooking technologies. If you go with dry heat technology, you will certainly have foods that are incomparably healthier and amazingly tasty. Now, you cannot utilize dry heat technology if you have a normal skillet. You must have a grill to achieve amazingly tasty food. Now, the problem is that if you are living in an apartment, you might not fully use your grill as it requires an open place. Moreover, maintaining a grill and cooking over it is quite complicated. What if you can turn our normal skillet into a cast iron grill? Well, with the help of Flagship Light, you can do this instantly.

It is the dry heat technology that basically distinguishes a skillet from an outdoor grill. The food is stir-fried and stewed in oil. It makes the food tastier and healthier. However, the Flagship Light is designed in such a way so that it can give you a grill-like experience in your own kitchen. Using the Flagship Light is super simple and you can easily turn your normal skillet into an indoor grill. You need to put it into your skillet and it will convert the skillet into a cast iron grill. Well, the grill will take the heat from the surface of the skillet. Before using it, you can brush the surface of the skillet with oil. You can also the Flagship Light without any kind of grease.

Talking about the design, the bottom surface is highly polished and so, the smooth surface allows the Flagship Light to get easily fixed into a skillet.

Grill Anything

Although it is a different kind of grill, it does not mean that you need to compromise with the quality of food. You can easily fry or grill anything and you will always get desired taste in your food. The best part of using the Flagship Light is that you can use it with any kind of heat source. You can either use an open fire or you can use it with charcoals.

If you are planning to use it outdoor on an open fire, you do not need any skillet. You can directly put the Flagship Light over the charcoals, or the camping stove. The Flagship Light is compact and so, you can carry it everywhere.

So, this is everything about Flagship Light. We hope that you would give it a try.