Coral Island Seeks To Reimagine The Farming Simulator

Well, over the course of time, the gaming industry has got the taste of evolution. Due to the hard works of game developers, gamers across the globe have got different types of games. Anyway, among them, the simulation game has its own fan base. If you have played a simulation game, you have probably understood that it allows you to do so many things in a virtual ecosystem. Anyway, when it comes to simulation games, you will get a lot of variation and among them, the farming simulator game is getting huge popularity. Well, kids living in the urban area do not get the golden opportunity to get the first-hand experience in farming. Therefore, these farming simulator games are giving them such an experience virtually.

In order to give the gamers a realistic farming experience, the Stairway Games has come up with farming simulator games, Coral Island. Well, Coral Island is one of the best farming simulator games. From growing corps to befriending the islanders- you can do a lot of things in this game.

Coral Island

Talking about the type of game, it is basically a kind of re-imagined farming simulator game. The games can befriend other islanders, nurture animals, and grow crops. It is a classic farming simulator game that is providing gamers an inclusive experience. This game consists of different types of characters and apart from this, it also creates environmental awareness.

Different Types Of Characters

If you are looking for farming simulator games that have dynamic characters, this game will definitely impress you. Yes, Coral Island has more than 50 different characters. They are actually called islanders. The names of these characters are as follows:

  • Noah
  • Yuri
  • Scott
  • Lily
  • Eva
  • Rafael
  • Leah
  • Kenny
  • Surya
  • Nna
  • Theo
  • Macy
  • Pable
  • Alice
  • Luke
  • Zarah

Apart from these islanders, you will also get many townies in this game. The names of these townies are as follows:

  • Millie
  • Randy
  • Suki
  • Sam
  • Dippa
  • Betty
  • Frank
  • Bree
  • Dinda
  • Paul
  • Zoe
  • Joko
  • Emma
  • Charles
  • Jim
  • Kira


The game is rich in many features. It allows you to build your own dream farm. Yes, you can easily transform an overrun land into a lively farm. From growing crops to making different types of structures- you can do a lot of things. The game offers a wide range of trees, fruit plants, flowers, and crops. You can choose whatever you want among them. Along with these, you can take care of animals and make a home for fish.

So, this is all about Coral Island. We hope that you would definitely start playing this game. It’s one of the Kickstarter projects we love.