Create Mesmerizing Optical Illusions with Mezmocoin Phantom

It is quite evident that people have become busy following a busy schedule. Sitting in front of computers for hours is not an easy task, but a desk toy can make this job enjoyable. Yes, you have heard it right, and this is why we have come up with the Mezmocoin Phantom—a spinning desk toy. Well, there are different types of spinning desk toys available in the market, but not all of them will replenish your mind with serenity.

Phantom is designed in such a way so that it can defy gravity, and it creates a transparent and alluring optical illusion that will definitely mesmerize you. The best part is that the middle part of this spinner disappears while rotating. It spins so fast that you cannot see it with your naked eye. Thus, it creates an alluring optical effect. Playing with this toy is very simple. You will have to spin it over the desktop table, and then it will bring the magic in front of you.

Perfect Desk Companion

Phantom can be considered a perfect desk companion as it can smoothly spin or rotate on any surface. It does not matter whether you are a thinker or a maker, you need something through which you can release your inner imagination as well as creativity. Well, in such a case, Phantom will be your perfect desk companion. It will help you to get rid of mental stress. It does not need any additional tool, and so, you can play with it anywhere and anytime.

Phantom is very easy to play. You can spin it using your fingers, or you can go with the custom Phantom spinning launcher. It has a smooth finish and unique shape; therefore, you will experience pleasure while interacting with it. The good thing is that it does not create any sort of noise while spinning; therefore, it will not bother anyone around you.

Attractive Magnetic Stand

Phantom comes with an attractive magnetic stand where you can keep it after playing. You can even spin it after attaching it to the stand. It is a magnetic stand; therefore, your Phantom will be secured.

Get Custom Spinning Launcher

The company has designed a custom spinning launcher that will add a new dimension. You will be able to achieve 11 minutes of rotation with this custom launcher. It is very easy to use. You will have to place the launcher in the center, and then, you will have to pull the string. The launcher will deliver extreme acceleration, and thus, it can elevate the fun to the next level.

So, this is all about the Phantom that creates mesmerizing optical illusions.