Growing is Fun Again With PICO, a Garden in Your Palm!

Have you ever thought that technology can help you to grow indoor plants effectively? Well, Pico has made this imaginative thought completely realistic. PICO is a tiny companion that is capable of taking care of your precious indoor plants. It does not matter whether you want fresh basil in the kitchen or jasmine at your office desk, PICO can do everything for you.

Problem With Indoor Plants

When it comes to planting indoor plants, you have to deal with several problems. Although many indoor plants do not require too much care, most of them need pampering in the form of sunlight, water, and attention. If you have a busy schedule, you are likely to forget to water them and move them around to get the right amount of sunlight. Thankfully, PICO makes it simple.

Make Your Plant-Parenting Better

If you have a plant, you are quite familiar with the fear of overwatering or under-watering. Moreover, you always think about whether they are getting proper sunlight or not. PICO understands your concerns. This tiny device knows what your plants need.

It is one of the fruitful outcomes of technology, and we have made a brief breakdown of the features of this device below:

Digital Sun

Indoor plants need direct sunlight, and it is quite difficult to take them from indoor to outdoor and vice-versa. PICO comes up with multi-spectrum LED grow lights that replace sunlight. These lights are powered by high-quality and power-efficient LEDs that provide equivalent wavelengths to the sun, meaning it supports all of the biological functions of your plants. Therefore, your plants will have an all-round development. Moreover, the LEDs are mounted on an adjustable arm that is telescopic. This arm will provide light alongside your plants to help them grow faster.

Forget Watering Your Plants

Now, you can intentionally forget to water your plants as your tiny companion, PICO, will do it on behalf of you. The watering process of PICO is very effective; the advanced watering system ensures that the plant gets the required amount of water- no less, no more. All you need to do is fill the reservoir once a week. Gravity and capillary action deliver water without a motor or additional power supply.

PICO is available in different colors and interchangeable mounts. So, if you want to give a better life to your plants, get a PICO as early as possible. If you want to support or purchase this product, do it today! If you want to see any of the other Kickstarter projects we love, check them out also!