Guardmine Is A Compact Personal Safe

Living in this 21st era, people often say that technology has made our lives less complicated. Well, Guardmine is a perfect example of this. It is basically a kind of portable and smart security solution. Well, Guardmine is not only a simple personal safe. It is actually a multipurpose personal security safe that can make your life simpler. It does not matter whether you are traveling or you are staying at home, you can always keep an eye on this. It is technologically advanced and thus, you can secure your valuable asset in a very innovative way.

Now, when we generally talk about a personal safe, an image of a big and heavy box titillates our minds. But, the design of Guardmine is very impressive, elegant, and cool. It looks like an ordinary reading book that actually makes it very approachable. Here, we have added the key features of this compact personal safe. So, do not forget to check them out:

  • On-The-Go Protection: Well, the Guardmine can provide the best on-the-go protection. You can easily lock it using the Guardmine app. You will have to set a four-digit code to lock it. If you want to keep your phone in this personal safe, you will not have to worry. The Guardmine comes up with a built-in touch screen display. You can set your four-digit lock code using that screen as well.
  • Efficient Built-In Motion Sensor: The Guardmine has a built-in motion sensor. When the thief will try to tamper with it, the built-in motion sensor will be activated. It will trigger the built-in alarm. It is not an ordinary alarm. This alarm can sound at 120db. So, the thief will not take it when it is screaming so loudly. You might be looking for a practical example of this sound. Well, the Guardmine will deliver sound that a jet generally generates while taking off.
  • Built-In High-Quality Audio System: The built-in high-quality audio system makes this device more approachable. Yes, if you are a music lover, this device will definitely satisfy you. It has built-in Bluetooth and so, you can easily stream music. However, here, you will have to connect your smartphone to this personal security safe through Bluetooth. After that, you can easily stream music from your preferred music streaming platform.

Apart from these, it also has a surveillance camera that takes this device to the next level. So, why are you waiting? Grab Guardmine fast, and keep your personal things safe.