Learn Code at Home with NextMaker Box

If you want a secured future for yourself, you must learn coding as well as programming. It has good earning potential, and the demand for coding jobs remains strong. However, if you want the best outcome, you must start learning it from childhood. After the arrival of the pandemic, schools get closed; therefore, children are stuck at home. Well, you do not have to put the education of your child on hold. They can unleash and enhance their creativity and imaginative power with the help of NextMaker Box. It comes up with well-structured online coding curriculums and engaging as well as attractive build projects. It will be delivered to your doorstep every month.

NextMaker Box

NextMaker Box offers extraordinary and effective coding courses for kids. It also offers some efficient STEM boxes that elevate the learning process to the next level. However, if you consider the present situation, you will get to know that the popularity of coding courses has been increased as people realized the positive aspects. Therefore, there are various platforms offering these courses and they are also offering STEM boxes. But, not all of them can give your fruitful outcomes. NextMaker Box combines the programming concepts and real-world robotics technology with interactive as well as tangible technology. In such a case, open-ended and limitless creativity is required.

Well, the makers understand the mind-set of kids, and therefore, they provide almost everything that a kid needs to become a hero from zero in the sphere of coding. The curriculum is so flexible that the kids can learn it as per their capability. After pursuing this, your child will be able to build smart home devices, game controllers, and even robots.


Well, you will get a new project with every NextMaker Box. It consists of almost everything that you need. You will have curriculum, software, and hardware.

Every NextMaker Box consists of mechanical parts, sensors, raw materials, and motors that will help you to learn, play and create something new. You can unleash your impetuosity for technology. It also comes up with a 3-hour online coding course and then, it will have coding activities that your kids will have to do.

The important things that you will get are as follows:

  • Electronic sensors, controllers and modules.
  • Raw materials like wood boards, acrylic and other important components.
  • CSTA standard coding courses as well as activities.
  • Colorful stickers and paint to make your creations more colorful.

By now, you have understood everything about NextMaker Box. So, what are you waiting for? Grab it today.