MagEasy is a Modular Magnetic Organizing Kit for Life

Standing in the 21st century, where everything is growing faster, we are not getting time for ourselves. This is happening because of our busy schedules. Therefore, nowadays, we are all following a work from home lifestyle. But working from home is not as easy as it sounds – you need proper equipment, a good environment, and a way to keep things organized. This is one reason we loved the Rocketbook Orbit – you might have missed it already!

Keeping this aspect in mind, LHiDs has a new Kickstarter project, MagEasy, which is the ultimate solution for work and home balance. It is customizable as well as portable. The best part is that it is modular with the use of magnets that let you organize everything perfectly. Ultimately, it will boost your productivity while working from home.


Considering the present situation, boosting productivity as well as efficiency is not as easy as it sounds. But with the help of MagEasy you can do this easily. MagEasy is expandable and fully customizable. It allows you to store your everyday essentials, and you can decorate them as per your requirements. MagEasy has the following aspects:

  • Highly customizable
  • Expandable modules
  • Minimalistic design that makes it suitable for easy transportation
  • Strong magnet embedded
  • Catch-all holders
  • Waterproof and durable
  • 60-degree viewing angle
  • Aesthetic paper template

Key Components Of MagEasy

MagEasy comes with three main components: magnetic modules, Folio, and The Board. These three things are combined so artistically as well as professionally so that you always get fruitful outcomes from it. It does not matter whether you are a student or a worker, MagEasy will always help you to maintain your efficiency as well as productivity. The Board is swappable, and so you can organize the products as per your requirements.

The Board is a kind of desktop organizer that allows you to keep all the essential things in easy reach, helping you to keep your study desk or work desk clean. The Board also comes up with a stand that gives you a desktop view. It also provides easy access to your daily essentials. Another aspect of the Board is its flexibility. Yes, you can fold it up like a paper, and so you can easily carry it everywhere.

The magnetic modules are something that makes it different from other organizers. You can stick your essentials to the Board with the help of magnetic modules, and you can easily arrange them.

The mobile Folio allows you to add a section to the Board where you can keep your pens, paper, keys, chocolates, and even medicine!

By now, you have understood what MagEasy is. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one for you as early as possible.