Orbidice Is A Spherical RPG Full Dice Set

Tabletop board games and RPG games are not new things. People have been playing these types of games for years. But, over the course of time, the developers of such a game have made remarkable improvements. It is something where you will visit fantastic and vivid worlds. The players create as well as nurture their characters. Players spend hours and build characters.

Talking about Orbidice, well it is a kind of spherical RPG full dice set. It is specially designed for tabletop enthusiasts. If you want to get a whole new experience in tabletop games, you must try this beautifully crafted RPG game. These spheres are finely themed and sculpted and thus, they will bring a fun and fresh experience to the tabletop game.

About Orbidice

Orbidice is actually made from a stiff and softer material. The material actually makes it very easy to hold. Moreover, it will not be shattered if it accidentally falls from the table. Well, talking about the design, it has a very special shape that allows it to roll freely. The numbers are crafted so beautifully that you can easily read them. Moreover, the different dice themes give them an attractive look and make them more approachable.

Orbidice set comes in a very beautiful and attractive box. The interesting thing is that you will get a lot of add-ons. We have explained some of them below:


Well, Orbitary is a specially designed dice tower track for Orbidice. It is fully adjustable.

Orbidice D6

This is another add-on that you will get with this dice set. It is a Kickstarter-themed special dice called Orbidice D6.

12 Paint Set

Well, you will get 12 Paint sets consisting of Green Screen Green, Pink Blast, Mr. Orange, Purple Taste, Cyberpunk Blues. Regal Silver Metallic, Red Dawn, Wasp Yellow, Bush Green, Black, White, and Gravity Brown. Apart from this, you will get 6 paint sets and 3 paint sets.

Apart from these, you will get a custom box cover, Scratch Set Pin for each box, Custom box insert, Scratch Set D2, and many more.

Different Orbidice Themes

Well, Orbidice is available in a wide range of themes. The themes are as follows:

  • Scratch Set
  • Dragon Eggs
  • The Sword Village

Well, you can order it online. The shipping cost depends upon the package you are ordering. If you are adding add-ons, the shipping cost will be increased. So, wait no longer; order Orbidice today.