Origami Paddler is a Hard Shell Folding Kayak-Paddleboard

Paddleboarding and kayaking are hugely popular water sports. They deliver a full-body workout, and along with it, you can enjoy overall fitness and health. However, carrying a paddleboard and kayak is always considered a difficult task. But your experience is going to be changed with Origami Paddler.

The Origami Paddler is a beautiful combination of kayak and paddleboard. It is the world’s first folding paddleboard and kayak, built with a folding mechanism that makes it easier to transport. If you want to get the taste of versatility, you must go with Origami Paddler. We have elaborated on the desirable features of this paddleboard and kayak. So, don’t miss to go through the following points.

Why Origami Paddler?

The creator of this beautiful paddleboard and kayak is Tim Niemier, who is an adventure enthusiast. It is undoubtedly the perfect solution for outdoor adventure. If you see the paddleboards and kayaks available in the market, you will realize that most of them are troublesome to transport, store, and heavy. Moreover, non-recyclable and cheap materials have been used to make such paddleboards and kayaks. 

Keeping these points in mind, Tim Niemier has come up with this unique paddleboard and kayak called Origami Paddler. Origami Paddler is designed in such a way so that it can be easily moved. Moreover, it is very sturdy, and therefore, you can use it for an extended time.

Materials Used To Make Origami Paddler

You might be surprised to know that Origami Paddler is made using eco-friendly and recycled materials. The best part is that it also mitigates plastic pollution. The makers want to convert plastic waste into something useful. Surfers will enjoy riding Origami Paddler.

Why Should You Choose Origami Paddler?

Well, the Origami Paddler is entirely different from other paddleboards and kayaks in terms of design and efficiency. We have highlighted the positive aspects of having Origami Paddler in your corner. So, don’t miss to go through the following points:

  • No Requirement Of Extra Storage Space: If you compare the Origami Paddler with other paddleboards and kayaks, you will find that it is more compact. Moreover, it is foldable, and therefore, you will not need any extra space for storing it.
  • No Assembly Required: The best part of the Origami Paddler is that you do not need to assemble it. You need to unfold it, and after that, it will be ready to use.

So, this is all about Origami Paddler. We hope that this article would definitely help you.
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