PressDrain Is A Hair Cutter For Bathtub Drain

Living in this modern era, we must admit the fact that clogged drains have become a very nasty problem. When we utter ‘clogged drain,’ it reminds us of a plumber, plunger, chemical solutions, bacteria, flooding, and nasty hair. You will never want to touch the nasty clogged drain after having a bath. Keeping this problem in mind, PressDrain is designed. It is the perfect time to say goodbye to those nasty clogged buddies. From the outside, you will think that PressDrain is an ordinary bathtub filter. But, it is a kind of premium quality filter that has an in-built haircutter. Yes, you just need to press the button, and it will shred nasty hair into small pieces. There will be no more flooding and you do not have to use any chemical remover further. Just do a simple press and your bathtub will be cleaned.

Quadrat Blades Design

You might be thinking why this tiny bathtub filter is so much effective? Well, the main reason behind this is its quadrat blades design. It is designed in such a way so that it can cut hairs into pieces every time. At the same time, it also maintains the water fluidity. The blades cut hair into pieces and then the water flow flushes them down.

PressDrain Also Works As A Stopper

PressDrain works as a haircutter. But, it does not mean that you will have to buy a separate stopper. PressDrain also works as a drain stopper. There is a thick rubber that is inserted on the base and the cap. It creates a kind of complete seal and therefore, you will not have to manually switch between drain stopper and hair catcher.

Sharp And Effective

The blades are really sharp and effective. An ordinary scissor cannot cut latex sheets into pieces. But, the high-quality sharp blades of the PressDrain apply so much force that it can easily cut latex sheets. Therefore, it does not matter what is going into the PressDrain, it will cut everything into pieces and water flow will take them away.


Talking about the design, it is really compact and it is suitable for up to 2 inches wide bathroom drains. It has a hair collection base and apart from this, the blades are durable and they will last for several years. It will give you psychological and physical benefits because you do not have to touch the clogged hair.

So, this is all about the PressDrain. We hope that you will grab it today.