PrintPods- The Most Advanced Handheld Printer On All Surfaces

We are living in a technologically advanced world where we cannot imagine our life without technology. With the advancement of technology, we have got many fruitful outcomes that have already made our life more convenient. Well, if we specifically talk about the printer, it has been modified over time. Nowadays, we have wireless printers with a compact design. But have you ever imagined a portable handheld printer? We already have portable phones and massagers, but this is something else!

EVEBOT has made it possible. Yes, the company has made PrintPods, the most advanced handheld printer for use with all surfaces. The best part is that it includes a permanent ink cartridge that can be used for long-lasting prints.


PrintPods is one of the efficient outcomes of technology and it is rich in attractive features. Here, we have highlighted each aspect of this tiny device. So don’t miss going through the following points to learn more!

Multiple Inks

PrintPods allows you to use different types of inks such as non-removable ink, skin-friendly ink, and invisible ink.

Non-Removable Ink

Creating professional prints at home was always impossible, but with PrintPods you can do it flawlessly. Yes, PrintPods support non-removable ink so you can create your own custom logo and print it on any surface. Moreover, you can print your own logo or company name over any document by just gliding the device.

Skin-Friendly Ink

If you love tattoos then this handheld printer will be an ideal option for you. You can have custom temporary tattoos with the help of this device. It supports skin-friendly ink and so having your favorite team logo or brand design over your skin will not be a difficult thing. You just need to glide this device over your skin. Skin-friendly ink is available in different colors such as black, red, and navy blue.

Invisible Ink

Do you want to surprise your special one with a secret message? Well, you can do this with PrintPods. With the help of this device, you can print a love note or secret message over anything. So, get this device as early as possible and have some fun.

Print On Various Surface

It does not matter what the surface is, you can print anywhere with the help of PrintPods. This handheld printer supports different surfaces such as leather, metal, plastic and wood. You just need to do one simple glide and your idea will be printed on the surface. The device has its own application where you can make your own custom design.

By now, you have understood the capabilities of this tiny handheld printer. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Kickstarter and give the maker of this product some support!