Quad Ultra Hand Grips Makes Exercise Easier

When it comes to making your body attractive, Neurobiologix products will help, but exercise is required as well. Yes, we are referring to the gym. If you are someone who is regularly going to the gym and doing hard exercises, you have probably felt the need for gloves that can provide ultra-strong grip. Keeping this point in mind, Velites has come up with a strong product that can give you an elevated gym experience. These Quad UItra Hand grips are designed in such a way so that they can help you to stick to the bar used for pulling up. Apart from this, it will also protect your wrists, and eventually, it will mitigate the tension on the forearms.

Design Details Of Quad Ultra Hand Grips

Understanding the design details of the Quad Ultra Hand Grips is very important and this is why, here, we will be covering the important elements of this product.

  • 1.2 mm of the patented layer that is highly resistant to friction. Apart from this, it is super sticky in nature.
  • Bar locking folding.
  • 3D rubber reinforcement
  • The seat belt consists of a nylon strap
  • New high-quality as well as long-lasting Velcro
  • Stainless steel buckle that has 4 mm of thickness

Key Characteristics Of Quad Ultra Hand Grips

The main characteristics of Quad Ultra Hand Grips are as follows:

Wood Like Superglue

If you go for Quad Ultra Hand Grips, you will feel the unstoppable strength and along with this, you will feel the solid grip. Talking about the material, it is very sticky in nature, and along with this; you will also get the true taste of comfort and support. The use of this handgrip is also super easy. You just have to put on the gloves and after that, you will feel the super-powered grip whenever you grab the pull-up bar.

Skin-Friendly Materials Used

Talking about the materials, well, the company used skin-friendly materials for making these gloves. It will protect your palms from tears and tips during the pull-ups and muscle-ups. It also has sticky materials that allow you to hold the bars even with just one finger.

Reduce Forearm Tension

Another noteworthy characteristic of Quad Ultra Hand Grips is that it reduces forearm tension. Yes, you have got it right. It basically reduces the forearm strength. In other words, we can say that it helps you in doing weightlifting and kettlebells.

So, this is all about the Quad Ultra Hand Grips.