Redgrass Wet Palette 2 Makes Painting Miniatures Easier

If you are into painting, Redgrass wet palette will be a perfect companion. It is a useful tool for painting that allows you to paint miniatures in a more convenient way. It is basically an upgraded wet palette where you will see an awesome hydration system. The ink will not be dried, and you can paint for hours. Talking about other important things, it has a reusable membrane, the tightest sealing case, and thicker foams. All these things will definitely improve the overall performance of your technical painting.

About Redgrass Wet Palette

Well, Redgrass wet palette 2 is designed in such a way so that it can keep the paint fresh, and apart from this, you will get the proper consistency.

If you are a painter, you know very well that acrylic paint dries quickly when it is kept on the wet palette. Now, this thing makes the advanced painting process more complicated. If you are doing ‘batch painting’, you will be frustrated. But, if you go with a Redgrass wet palette, you will definitely have a satisfactory experience. Yes, if you apply paint on this wet palette, it will keep your paint fresh for a few days. It means that next time when you will sit down for painting, you can start painting straight away. Another positive thing about having this advanced wet palette is that you can do your painting without wasting paints and so, the entire process will become cost-effective. As this is an upgraded product, you will get an upgraded tight sealing case, upgraded foam, and a new reusable membrane.

Reusable membrane

Well, this is something that makes the Redgrass wet palette more approachable. The paper sheet for regular wet palettes is for single-use. After using them once, you will have to throw them away. But, the reusable membrane of the Redgrass wet palette will give you a completely new experience. Yes, you can use it up to four times. It means that you apply paint on it and then rinse it. After that, you can use it for another project. It also maintains the thickness of colour and the colour will not be dried. So, if you are doing extended painting, this thing will be definitely helpful for you. The surface is so improved that the paint will not seep into the membrane. Moreover, you can glide paint very smoothly and the paint consistency is perfectly stabilized on it.

So, why are you still waiting? You could try 3D printing a wet palette of your own, or you can replace your regular wet palette with this Redgrass Wet Palette 2 today.