Snack and Sling Is a Hybrid Fanny Pack

Snack and sling pack are designed in such a way so that it can be used anywhere anytime. It does not matter whether you are going to your office or you are going for hiking, these portable bags will be your ideal partner. These tiny bags are versatile, easy-to-use. No matter what the activity is, they have the capability to hold the essential items. These bags will be always with you on any adventure.

Snack Pack

If we talk about the Snack Pack, it is basically a fanny pack that you can use every day for carrying the essential items. The interior is highly customizable and you can store all your essential items without facing any problem. The Snack Pack also comes with a special section where you can store your mobile. The zipper clip ensures that everything inside the bag is secure. The fanny pack also allows you to keep everything in an organized way. The overall storage capacity of the Sling Pack is 1.6L.

Sling Pack

The Sling Pack is a kind of cross-body bag that you can use for any event. You can even go on an adventure with this stylish crossbody bag. It adds a sporty look to your overall outfit. However, the bag is quite spacious in spite of having a small form factor. You can store all your essential items in this Sling Pack. It also has a different mesh pocket section where you can carry a water bottle. You also get a cup holder with this cross-body bag. However, if we talk about the overall storage capacity, it is 2.4L.

Features Of Snack And Sling Pack

  • Phone Battery Packet: With these bags, you will get a separate phone battery pocket inside the bag. So, you can easily keep the power bank inside the bag. It is designed in such a way so that you do not have to open the bag to get access to your power bank. You can easily pull the cord out and thus, you can charge your mobile anywhere and anytime.
  • Touch-Free Hook: Well, these bags come with a touch-free hook that is attached to the exterior part of the bag. You can touch buttons in ATM, and open doors with this hook. Considering the present pandemic situation where you cannot touch any surface with your bare hands, this touch-free hook will keep you safe in almost all situations.

So, this is all about the Snack and Sling Pack. We hope that this article would give you a proper idea about these products.