Strikerbit Is the World’s First Bolt Action Screwdriver

A typical screwdriver happens to be a small tool which we use for driving screws. These tools can be powered or manual and usually come with a shaft and a handle. 

Strikerbit is considered to be the first bolt action hexbit screwdriver on the planet right now. It is quite compact in size and will be able to fit virtually any pocket while performing all the necessary tasks as well. It will be feasible to retract and extend the tool very easily thanks to the presence of the bolt action. Moreover, you will come across as many as 4 locking positions with this object.

This screwdriver features an extra knob for increasing the moment arm and achieving greater tightening torque. The presence of the additional knob features an attractive knurled surface which will provide the device with an interesting personalized appearance while ensuring better grip as well. Moreover, one will not find it difficult to change between the knobs either.

In case you carry a strikerbit along with you, it will ensure that the most commonly employed bits are available to you which you can use as and when required. Apart from this, you will not find it tough to switch from one end to another.

This device has been launched on the market after a lot of testing so that it is certain that everything will be functioning smoothly and easily. The good thing is that this screwdriver has the ability to endure all types of forces that are applied to it. One thing is for sure that it will serve you for quite some time in the future.