Terra Planter: The Inside Out Hydroponic Planter Pot

With the advancement of technology, we have started giving more preference to digital equipment. Unfortunately, we stopped taking care of nature, and as a result, we are living in polluted environments. But this can be changed with the help of the Terra Planter, which is an inside out hydroponic planter pot. That is one aspect that this product seeks to change. In some ways, it has adopted solutions taken by companies who specialize in plants! By caring for nature, the soil, and how you grow your plants, you improve the environment. Gaia Herbs, Pharmax, and Vibrant Health have led the way with this, and now the Terra Planter is following!

Terra Planter

Terra Planter is a perfect combination of plants ecology, and natural materials. The developers used their experience as well as knowledge to make a product that can easily thrive indoors. The Terra Planter effectively works as a water bank. If we talk about the design, it is solid but porous. It is designed in such a way so that water can slowly permeate through it. It lets the plants drink water slowly and therefore you don’t need to water them as frequently.

The best part of the Terra Planter is that it does not require dirt or soil. You just need to water it. The design allows the plant enough air and water. The Terra Planter is reusable as it is made from 100% natural materials.


The porous material and the idea of hydroponics are the main drivers behind the Terra Planter. Now your plants can thrive indoors, even if you don’t have the best of luck with anything green. Moreover, it is low-maintenance. All these benefits make it more suitable for people with busy schedules, lack outdoor space, but still want indoor plants.

How It Works

Just fill the vessel with water. The vessel is designed so that water will diffuse through it slowly. The Terra Planter lets you see your plants grow. Watching the process unfold is a kind of bonus feature!

You can grow the plants in four different ways:

  • Rub spores over the surface.
  • You can use rubber bands in order to mount plant roots.
  • You can wrap a climbing plant around the vessel.
  • Cover the small chambers with seeds.

So, this is all about Terra Planter. The inside out hydroponic planter pot. We hope that this article would be helpful for you.