The Couch Console Is a Gamer’s Dream Come True

If you are a gamer, you are probably dreaming about a powerful gaming console or computer. Apart from these, there are certain other things that are playing a very important role in the ecosystem of gaming and the couch console is undoubtedly one of them. If you are into gaming, you will understand that there are certain other accessories that you need to keep around you while playing your favourite game. Even, you need snacks and drinks to infuse your body with energy. But, keeping all these things together can be problematic and you might even spill the drink out of excitement. The liquid can damage other accessories and in the end, it will hamper your overall gaming experience.

Ebite Inc. understands this very well and therefore, they have come up with the couch console that consists of a storage pocket, remote tray, charging dock, phone stand, snack holder, and self-balancing cup holder. You will get all these things in a compact, modular and light pack.

Important Aspects About the Couch Console

There are various advantages that you will get after having the couch console. We have added some of them below:

  • Self-Balancing Cupholder: Well, you become super-excited while playing games and amid this situation, a small touch to the cup holder can ruin your gaming experience. The entire coffee will be over the ground and your sophisticated coffee glass will be broken. However, you will not face such a situation with the Couch Console as it comes up with a self-balancing cup holder. It has an advanced gyroscope system that will ensure that the cup will maintain its ideal vertical position. It does not matter how soft or uneven the surface is, the cup will always maintain the vertical position. It supports glasses and cups that come in standard sizes. The best thing is that you can lock the entire gyroscope system.
  • Couch Console Is Completely Modular: The best thing about Couch Console is that it is fully customizable. Yes, you can interchange the positions of the cup holder, phone and remote organizer, and the spacer. If you want to put two beverages, you can easily do this by adding two cup holder modules.

Couch Console Add-Ons

You will get the following things with the Couch Console:

  • Self-balancing cup holder
  • Snack cup
  • Organizer
  • Spacer

Apart from these, you will have a charging plug. Actually, it comes up with a type C hub and you can connect one end of this hub with any power bank.

As of now, you have understood important things about the Couch Console. So, don’t just wait. Grab it as early as possible.