The FooxMet Air Blocks 99.5% of UV Light and Has a Fan!

It does not matter where you live, we all experience the dynamic aspects of weather. In fact, we really enjoy it. If we talk about summer, it is one of the best times to do almost everything. Yes, you can play summer sports, go on vacation, take a summer bath, and much more. 

But everything has positive as well as negative aspects, and summer is not an exception. When it comes to summer, we all have to deal with the harmful UV rays emitted from the sun. 

It is around this time of year that sunburns becomes a concerns during summer. However, there are many sunscreen lotions available in the market and people are using them to get rid of sunburns. But people who have sensitive skin may see side effects of sunscreen use, such as breaking out and needing to constantly reapply it, which is a pain.

That is where FooxMet Air Club comes in. The FooxMet Air Air-Cooling Jacket is a lightweight jacket you can wear over your teeshirt to help block dangerous UV rays and reflect heat from the sun. Instead of carrying around an umbrella, you can easily pull on this jacket. Moreover, it including a fan built into the jacket! 

This product does not work like any ordinary jacket. It has so many features that you will not find in other jackets or products. We have highlighted the features below in order to give you a concrete idea of what it does and how it works.

Instant Cooling

Well, if you put on a jacket during the summer, your body temperature goes up and you will feel uncomfortable. But, the experience will be different in the case of FooxMet Air. It includes two powerful fan with three different levels of speed. These motors will keep your body cool anytime and anywhere. You can also adjust the motor speed.

Easy To Use

You can attach a power bank to the jacket using a USB cable. You can get up to 9 hours of fan on time with cool mode, and 7 hours of full speed fan operation with a 5000mAh power bank, which should be easily rechargeable from almost any power source!

Restructured Protection Fiber

This jacket consists of restructured protection fibers that can reflect up to 99.5% UV light. Moreover, the material is so durable that a thorough wash cannot damage the fiber. So, it is undoubtedly a long-lasting product.

By now you have understood the efficiencies of FooxMet Air. So don’t just wait, head over to Kickstarter and support this project today!