The Herbalist’s Primer Is A Guide To Real And Plants For Creatives

You have probably seen magical plants in movies; unfortunately, you will not get them in this real world. There are differences between that fancy world and the real world. However, Herbalist’s Primer can make a solid difference. It is basically a kind of system-agnostic guide to real magical plants. You will get a detailed illustration of the plants that exist in this real world and these plants are really magical. Well, this guide is totally inspired by the herbalists of the 19th century and the era of legends, myths, and folklore. If you grab this Herbalist’s Primer, you will get well-organized and easily accessible information straight to your table.

Talking about the era of folklore, it is infused with enchanting stories, simple and unbreakable spells, and magical rituals. You have definitely visualized different plants such as shape-shifting harmful and deadly nightshade, screaming mandragoras, and many more. They have poisonous, magical, medicinal, and culinary properties. Well, there are handy scale references, botanical information, a short description, and commonly uttered names. If you are surfing for inspiration, you do not have to read the whole information.

Talking about the Herbalist’s Primer, you will get to know about the interesting and chosen magical plants taken from the era of the world’s folklore. You can actually deep dive into the biodiversity of the planet. In this guide, you will get everything fully illustrated and they are well-organized so that you can conveniently go through it.

What You Will Get

There are so many things that this guidebook offers. We have added them below:

  • It is basically a colorful hardcover book consisting of more than 360 pages. It consists of tabletop roleplaying material and along with this, you will get folklore, ethnobotanical and botanical materials.
  • There are almost 100 detailed and illustrated descriptions of the magical plants across the globe.
  • The chapters are useful, sweet, and short in nature. It covers almost everything. It includes herb gathering, basics of botany, preparation, antidotes, poisons, alchemy, and many more.
  • You will get recipes for medicinal and magical concoctions.

Talking about tools, you will have different tools through which you can create plot hooks, magical plants, quest ideas, and many more. You will get ideas to give semi-proper and custom scientific names.

There are convenient tables paired with medicinal and magical properties of astronomical correspondences. You will also get to know about the language of flowers. In short, we can say that it is an all-in-one guidebook for a tabletop RPG game.

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