The Orb Drop III Is a Marble Track You Can Build

Physics toys are playing an important role in the 21st century. Therefore, Spinpal has come up with the Orb Drop III. It is a performance-driven; high-quality physics toy that you can get at a very affordable rate. Spinpal is known for its deep passion for engineering and design. Physics is the only thing that inspires the team of Spinpal and this is why they have come up with this beautiful physics toy that you can use to enhance your learning as well as building experience.

Orb Drop III

Orb Drop III is something that you will have to assemble. Therefore, it will enhance your motor skills and learning skills. However, you will also be exposed to certain areas while assembling the parts such as Mechanical Fasteners, Tools, Hands-on Constructions, Gravity, Electricity, Kinetic Energy, Dynamics, Gearing, Pulleys, Belts, and many more. You will get the pure taste of Physics while playing with this attractive toy.

A Perfect Gift for Anyone

Do you know that you can create a solid impression with this attractive gift? Yes, it can enhance the beauty of the interior design of your house, and office. Therefore, you can use it anywhere such as office desk, kitchen cabinet countertop, nightstand, room table, and many more. Even, if you gift this beautiful Physics toy to someone, it will reflect your dynamic and strong personality.


The design of the Orb Drop III is really impressive. The size of the diameter wheel is 10 inch and it is connected with the pulleys and a belt. Although the design looks like its previous version Orb Drop, many modifications have been done to make it more approachable. Yes, you have heard it right. The Orb Drop III comes with an improved as well as advanced twist clock that adds convenience to the rotation mechanism. Moreover, you will not have to install guard rails. If we talk about the assembly part that was quite complicated in the previous version, it becomes very simple in the latest version of the Orb Drop III.

Power Adapter

Well, you will get a power adapter kit along with this device. The kit consists of 1 power jack connector and 1 DC power cable. You will also get a standard electronic charger instead of the battery holder. The advanced charger will make the charging process more convenient.

As of now, we have explained everything that you need to know about Orb Drop III. We hope that this article would be helpful.