The Tropicfeel Shell is a Modern-Day Travel Companion That Fits More

It does not matter whether you are a traveler or a hiker, you need a travel bag that can fulfill all of your needs. Tropicfeel understands this very well, and this is why they have come up with Shell, a modern-day travel bag that can fit up to 20% more than bags of the same size. 

Well, if you see the market, you will find various modern-day travel bags. But, when it comes to Shell, you will see a lot of differences. Yes, it is weatherproof, lightweight, multi-size, and ultra-versatile. If you want a backpack for a long period of time, this will be an ideal choice for you. It has the capability to fulfill all the requirements of modern travelers. It is a backpack that actually helps you in packing. We have highlighted the key aspects of this backpack here. So, have a look at the following points.

Shell Wardrobe System

Well, if we talk about the design of this travel bag, it comes with a unique wardrobe system that will assist you in packing. It provides 20% more space without increasing the size of the bag, and the best part is that the organization system can be removed. After that, you can pack your things, and then you can compress this. It magically fits inside the shell.

The shell wardrobe system has unique and impressive features. You will get an adjustable loop through which you can hang it wherever you want. You will also get a wardrobe compression tool that will allow you to compress it down further. Along with these, you have two closed compartments on top and in the middle section, providing you with a free compartment. The bottom section is something that makes it more approachable. Yes, you will have ten friction-free compartments where you can easily store your t-shirts, pants, and many more clothing items.

Get Useful Accessories Along With This Travel Bag

In order to elevate the travel experience to the next level, Tropicfeel is offering various efficient accessories along with this travel bag. It does not matter whether you are going for a hike or an adventure, you will always be prepared with these accessories.

You will have a toiletry bag, tech pouch, and a camera cube. The toiletry bag comes with a unique magnetic fidlock mechanism. With the help of this, you can attach the bag in front of your shell backpack. In this you can include all of the supplements you need on the longest journey, including essential sports products from Natural Ophthalmics or Thorne Research. The tech pouch also has the same mechanism, and you can keep all your essential gadgets in this bag. The camera cube has a top loop for carrying, and it also has Velcro dividers that help you to customize the storage spaces. This pack is great for storing everything you need, including a UV Purifying Water Bottle.
So, this is all about Shell from Tropicfeel. If this travel companion is exactly what you have been looking for, support it on Kickstarter today!