The Way Of Kings 10th Anniversary Edition

The Way of Kings is a popular book series that people across the world love and enjoy. It is important to cherish books and the worlds that they can sweep away to, how they inspire us to new activities like RPGs, or something to dream about before going to bed. Many people have, unfortunately, traded books for Instagram and video games.

Thankfully we have Brandon Sanderson to put out an amazing fantasy series and then turn that into a leatherbound book to keep forever. The Stormlight Archive is one of his top-selling fantasy series books. After this, the creator wants to celebrate his milestone with a Kickstarter campaign to get the project off the ground and funded. The campaign is all about the 10th Anniversary Edition of the book, The Way of Kings.

It is a dream of the creator to produce alluring and enchanting books. The specifications will be beyond the imagination of the reader. The foremost objective is to transform dreams into attractive stories. Therefore, the creator, along with Dragonsteel Entertainment, published the 10th Anniversary Edition leather-bound version of Elantris. After Elantris, they published many more attractive anniversary editions such as The Well of Ascension, War breaker, The Hero of Ages, Mistborn, and many more.

This happened because of the overwhelming response from the readers. Now they have come up with the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Way of Kings. Previously, they offered books at a very reasonable price. Well, this time, the scenario will not be an exception. However, the storyline of the Ways of Kings is so large that they had to break it into two volumes. It will definitely maintain integrity as well as the quality of the books. The creators know the value of the hard-earned money of the readers. 

Each volume is wrapped in dark blue leather. The color of the interior pages is Smyth-sewn and acid-neutral. They are not glued, so they won’t degrade as quickly and will stand up to a lot of readers. It has top-notch durability. The ends of the pages are glided. Along with it, you will have a satin-ribbon bookmark with each volume. Purchasers will get an eight-page gallery consisting of full-color artwork at the beginning of each volume. Along with these, you will have stunning chapter arches.

The quality of the book is elevated, and the final version will be the finest product from the house of Dragonsteel.

So, this is all about the Ways of Kings 10th Anniversary Edition. We hope that the readers would definitely love it.