Thumby Is a Cute and Playable Programmable Keychain

Have you ever thought that a keychain can be playable? Well, Thumby is a beautiful keychain that can be a great time-killer. Yes, you have heard it right. This tiny key chain comes up with a built-in gaming system. This gaming system will be at the tip of your thumb. This is something that you can give to your best friend. The uniqueness makes this tool more approachable.

Key Features

In short, we can say that Thumby is a keychain with mind-blowing features. Here, we have added the features in order to give a concrete idea about this beautiful and tiny product.

  • A beautiful and interactive game system paired with an OLED display that is really bright.
  • Gameplay buttons and D-pad provide an enhanced gaming experience. The best part of the D-pad is that it is 4-way operational.
  • Out of the box, you will be getting 5 games that are retro in nature. You will definitely enjoy playing those games.
  • It has multiplayer support. This is really an unbelievable feature. You can play with others with the help of the Thumby Link cable.
  • Thumby supports programing language. Well, it basically supports Micro Python. You can create playable games using this language.

Fully Assembled And Lightweight

Although Thumby is a tiny keychain, it gives a lot of things to the users. It comes fully assembled out of the box and so, you do not need to do anything. You just unbox it and enjoy the wide range of features. Although it has so many digital things, Thumby is very lightweight. It is like any other normal keychain in terms of weight. 

Thumby is a thumb-sized keychain. However, it comes with a gamepad and you can play games using the gamepad. You will get 5 pre-loaded games. All those games are retro and so, if you are a retro game lover, this thing will definitely impress you. Talking about the digital part, it is open source and free. Therefore, you can edit those things and you can even create new games using the programming language.

Talking about the games, you will get the following:

  • Saur Run
  • Thumgeon
  • Annelid
  • Space Debris
  • Tiny Blocks

Built-In Menu

Well, the user interface is pretty simple and straightforward. There is a menu system that is built-in. You can browse all those games using the D-pad. It has internal memory where you can store new retro games as well. Talking about the processor, it has a Raspberry Pi processor that will allow you to play all those games smoothly.