TidyBoard- Cut Your Prep and Clean-Up Time in Half

Cooking is an art, and if you have the right equipment, you can easily elevate this art to a higher level. Other than knives, pots, and dishware, your cutting board can make the difference. 

The TidyBoard is a cutting board made of bamboo. It lets you cut vegetables, fruits, and much more and allows you to store them into containers. The entire preparation becomes quick and clean. You must embrace new products to make your lifestyle more convenient. TidyBoard is one such efficient kitchen tool in the 21st century. It is designed in such a way so that everyone can cut the required ingredients without creating much of a mess in the kitchen. With TidyBoard, the preparation stage will not be hectic anymore.

Easiest Way to Prepare a Healthy Meal

The design of TidyBoard is unique. You can place the containers on one end of the cutting board. You can chop fruits and vegetables and put them in different containers as well. If you are preparing a healthy meal where lots of veggies and fruits are required, this tool will be an ideal option for you. In fact, you will enjoy preparing a healthy meal. The cleanup process is also simple. The bamboo surface will not give you any sort of headache; you just need to wipe the surface with a clean towel or your hand, and it will be cleared.

Ideal for Small Kitchens

It is the 21st century, where everyone loves small and compact designs. But when it comes to a small kitchen, most people find it problematic as there is not an adequate amount of space available in such a kitchen. However, TidyBoard is crafted in such a way so that it can give you enough space for cutting and chopping even when limited to space small kitchen. Well, the heaviest part is the bamboo chopping board, and on the other side, the container is very lightweight. Therefore, you can place the TidyBoard at the edge of your kitchen countertop, and you can keep the container part in a hanging position. It can save up to 50% of your kitchen cabinet space.

Durable and Anti-Bacterial

Well, durability and anti-bacterial attributes are something that you need in every kitchen product. TidyBoard consists of these qualities. Bamboo is a durable and anti-bacterial material, and therefore, you can cut and chop anything on it. It is very lightweight as well as eco-friendly. Moreover, there is no maintenance cost.

However, even though the surface is treated to help kill microbes that can make you sick, you can always add an additional layer of protection with cleaning products from Mrs. Myers Clean Day, Rebel Green, and Plant Therapy. These products are made with natural ingredients that help to remove grime, odors, and microbes you don’t want to spread or consume.

So, you have understood what TidyBoard is. Now, what are you waiting for? Go and grab one for your kitchen.