UVMask: All-Day Active UV-C Air Purification Face Mask

Standing in this technologically advanced era, it is very important to understand the environment’s present condition. Over the course of time, the intensity of pollution has been increased, and therefore, people need to bring changes in their lifestyle to keep themselves safe. 

People have realized the situation, so they have been wearing masks for the past few years in a few countries. Moreover, after the arrival of COVID-19, wearing masks has become more important. But if we talk about the present situation, you will see different types of masks available. But you might not get satisfactory outcomes from all of them. This is why we have found a product that may have the capability to deliver desired results.


It does not matter whether you are wearing masks for protecting yourself from COVID-19 or air pollution, the UVMask offers Complete Protection for the New Normal. This product provides a solution to all these problems. It is ozone-free and reusable masks. It consists of UV-C that can eliminate smoke, pathogens, and pollution. It can also eliminate allergens such as leaf, mulch, pollen, and many more.

The UVMask is created by UM Systems and is a next-generation reusable anti-pollution and air purification face mask. It has efficient built-in UV-C technology that makes it different from other products. But this is not the only thing that makes it more approachable. There are many more features, and we have highlighted some of them below.

Sterile-Vortex Air Filter

It is quite evident that a normal mask can provide minimal protection against pollution and other viruses. But you might be surprised to know that the UVMask can filter the air in real-time. Yes, it has sterile-vortex air purification technology that can filter the air in real-time. It can provide you up to 8 hours of protection. Moreover, the UV-C light is installed inside the sterile-vortex, and therefore, there will be no leakage of UV-C light during the air filtration process. The mask consists of two 265nm UV-C LEDs that are ultra-safe, durable, and ozone free.

Some other key features are as follows:

  • It has a high-efficiency air filter that can be easily replaceable.
  • The UVMask has dual way air purification that can protect yourself as well as others.
  • The main material used to make this mask is entirely skin-friendly silicon.
  • It has sideway air-intakes. So, there will be no foggy glasses.

So, this is all about the UVMask, and we hope that this article is helpful for you. Make sure to check out the Hygiene Hand to see how you can use a simple tool to avoid touch surfaces, like door handles.